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Three tips to Help Your Business Appear in Google 3 Pack

The shift from Google’s 7-pack, to a diminished 3-pack, has had a significant impact on local SEO. Many businesses struggled to get featured when there were seven spots available. Now getting into the top three can seem like rocket science. The great news is that this goal isn’t impossible. However, it will take some time, skills, and knowledge to get it done. Being seen by local customers when they are searching for your type of service or product is the most targeted type of marketing known today. But getting into Google 3 Pack can be tricky unless you truly understand what you are doing. Here are three useful tips to help you get started:

Old and New Google 3 Pack

1. Get more citations

When it comes to ranking your local listing, one thing Google pays close attention to is how frequently a company is mentioned in other sources. In other words, it looks for “citations” to validate your company. A citation is a mention of your business name along with another piece of business information anywhere online — with OR without a link back to your site.
The extra information might be your telephone number, website URL, or physical address. In order to count as a citation, the data must be an EXACT match to the data on your Google My Business listing. Citations help establish to the search engines that you are a real company; therefore, the more of these you have from quality sources, the better your local listing rankings will be.


2. Add photos to your listings

It is no secret that consumers love photographs. The more, high-quality images that you have on Google local listing profile, the more attractive it will be to potential customers. This goes farther than Google; Yelp has even published advice about the best way to optimize your business listings, asserting that photos make a huge difference. It even goes as far as to say that based on research from Review Trackers, consumers spent 2.5 times more of their time on listings that featured photographs.

3. Get as many reviews as you can

Customer reviews are an essential part getting noticed online these days. Customers love writing reviews about businesses and they also enjoy reading them. Google has taken notice of this. It wants to promote the very best local businesses. What better way to ascertain who those businesses are than through positive customer reviews? If you want to really increase your rankings, encourage your customers to leave reviews whenever you can.

Making your business to appear on Google’s 3-pack is a good deal more challenging than it had been with the 7-pack; obviously, since there are fewer spots. The tips above will help, however, you need to continually keep up with local search changes and ensure all of your company’s information is listed correctly and updated going forward. Additionally,  make sure you make clever use of categories and strategic keyword placement within your own profile to give it strength.

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5 Ways to Show Off Your Customer Reviews and Testimonials



Ways to Show Off Your Customer Reviews Indianapolis Marketing AgencyYou may already know how important customer reviews are in relation to marketing your services and products. They break down the obstacles your potential customers might have when deciding whether or not to conduct business with you. Reviews and testimonials can bring a great deal of credibility to your business, and this ultimately results in higher conversions and more revenue.

Whether you are a dentist, handyman, chiropractor, attorney, or other local services company, it is crucial to develop a certain degree of trust with your prospects. Reviews will help you do exactly that. Positive customer reviews bring an incredible degree of profitability that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Perhaps you already have some glowing customer reviews and are thinking about how to get more eyes on them.  This is crucial.
Here are 5 ways to show off your customer reviews and testimonials for optimum exposure.

1. Your website

Displaying customer reviews on your website will boost sales because these prospects are obviously already interested in your business. Putting your customer reviews and testimonials where they can clearly see them will only work to your advantage. Ideally, you should have a testimonials page. However, don’t be shy about posting a few of them on your homepage and other pages as well.

2. Social Media

It is hardly surprising that displaying your customer reviews on social media will give you fantastic exposure. With millions of visitors daily, these sites provide you with the opportunity to show off your ratings to a huge amount of people. For example, take Facebook.
If you go to the ‘about’ section on your business page timeline, you will notice it if you edit the address section, there is an option to check a box which reads “show map, check-ins and star ratings on the page”.

Facebook customer reviews Indianapolis marketing agency

3. Place them inside of your e-books or reports

If you are giving away complimentary e-books or reports to acquire opt-ins for your email list, put your reviews and testimonials inside of them to boost results. You are already giving them useful information that they find valuable by providing the content. Adding your testimonials and customer reviews will further add to the fact that your business is the perfect one to meet their needs.

4. Add customer reviews to your printed marketing materials

Just as mentioned above, testimonials and reviews may also help any printed advertisements perform far better. You may be limited on space, but it only really takes one or two reviews to show prospects that you are reputable.

5. At your place of business

Displaying your reviews and testimonials inside of your place of business is powerful. It is a terrific way to show existing customers that they’ve made the right choice and can go a long way in customer retention and referrals.

Reviews and testimonials themselves are important. Nonetheless, it’s where you display them that brings the real value. Displaying them in the places mentioned above will shine a positive light on your small business, increase conversions, and allow you to generate more sales.

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