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      2. Welcome Jiaozuo Changxin Technical Development of Radiation Protection Co., Ltd


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          Jiaozuo Changxin Technical Development Of Radiation Protection Co., Ltd. has a lot of professional and experienced technicians and senior engineers who have been engaged in lead glass for years. The lead glass of our products are divided into ZF2, ZF3, ZF6, and ZF7 series ZF2 and ZF3 series high lead glass is extensively applied as shield in X-ray diagnosis, spiral CT scanning room viewport and medical diagnosis. ZF6 and ZF7 series high lead glass is mainly used in nuclear industry such as nuclear power station and atomic energy application. Since our products were launched into the market, with good transparency, high lead equivalency and excellent service, we get trust and favorable comments from users. Since 2003, we have successfully exported them to Southeast Asian markets as well as the United States, South Korea, Singapore and some African countries, which have created good economic benefits and enterprise reputation for our company.

          Since our company was founded, with the guidance and supervision of "Ministry of Health" and "State Food and Drug Administration" of China, we are always devoted to human life health career with the benefits from science and technology. With our best wishes to serve the doctors and patients in radiation field, we are always devoted to the development and research of new product, new arts and new technology constantly. We also built up a department for radiation protection project, which is engaged in the research and development of X and Y ray productive products.

          Now, besides our main product of lead glass, our company also has a full-line of X-ray protective products: X-ray protective door window series (applied in X-ray diagnosis, X-ray Room, CT scanning, intervene treatment room; Nuclear medical room); Nuclear medical protective series, radiation intervention study protective series; lead sticky series; medical radiation treatment protective series of ECT/PET; protective equipment series of linear accelerator; Gu 60 and the industrial machine protective series of flaw detection. With excellent service and perfect product quality, our enterprise gets the trust from the masses of users.

          All our products have already passed the quality testing of food medicine supervisor management board of the Ministry of Public Health. We also attained the certificate of "radiation protective apparatus quality testing report" and "medical apparatus product Register certificate" and "production permit". Now our company has become a comprehensive professional manufacturer of radiation protective apparatus.

          Jiaozuo Changxin Technical Development Of Radiation Protection Co., Ltd. is located at No. 3, Jiankang Road, Jiaozuo City, He'nan Province. The northern side is Jiaozuo Film and Television City of CCTV, and the eastern side is world geological park, a national tourism site, the mountain of Yuntai. The western side is North Little Three Gorges "the river of blue sky" scenic district, and the southern side is urban district of Jiaozuo City.

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