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        Correct understanding of radiation protection

        TIME:2017-08-11 BROWSE:3493

          Electromagnetic radiation is invisible, invisible and intangible. Some statements about electromagnetic radiation are not issued by authoritative organizations. The anti-radiation products and radiation-proof plants on the market have been verified or tested by authoritative organizations, but they cannot be blindly worshipped. They must be properly recognized on both sides, so you should not be too sensitive, and don’t trust some businesses. Advertising, correct understanding of electromagnetic radiation.

          There is a central nervous system behind the person, which is the main hematopoietic system. Due to the deteriorating environment, more and more people in the society suffer from leukemia, and the root cause of various cancers is that the hematopoietic system has been destroyed. Radiation is one of the most important murderers. For the fetus that is still developing slowly in the mother's womb, in the mother's stomach, it is to absorb the nutrients in the mother's blood to absorb the nutrients. Imagine if the radiation destroys the maternal hematopoietic system, the blood produced by the expectant mother has Question, how can a baby be healthy? So protecting the central system is very important.

          Tips: Place a crystal gypsum lamp in front of the computer to prevent computer radiation.

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